June 26, 2014

long time no see, my blog

Woah, seems like I didnt update this blog for a long time.

Whatsapp, Facebook etc take over my interest to post in blog I guess.

Nothing much interesting with my life.

Research, papers, thesis, students, work..

And still struggling to lose weight..

My PCOS really annoyed me

Work out since 2 years ago, at home,

and recent 8 months I joined gym.

Work very hard yet my fats % is still so high.

Sometimes really hate myself to have PCOS

Why cant I just be normal?

Anyway, final aim is to get fitter and look younger every year LOL!!!

Transformation? I did transformed.

I think I look better now. HAHAHAH

1 comment:

Brandy LeVario said...

You look wonderful in all your pictures Cheng, it's really a pleasure reading your blogs.